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Product of Greece

Net Weight 110gr

Keep in a cool & shady place

Sea Salt Fleur De Sel From Greece

SKU: 50547
  • Meant to be used as a finishing salt, this “flower of the salt", usually has a hefty price tag. It is hand-harvested along the Greek coastline in the same pools as grey salt. However, for every 40 kilograms of grey salt produced, only 1 1/2 kilograms of delicate Fleur de Salt is harvested.


     As a general rule, the less refined the salt, the larger the proportion of minerals and moisture. By definition, fleur de sel is the most complex in flavor. It is also considered (perhaps to no one's surprise) to be among the saltier of salts, thanks to trace calcium and magnesium chlorides. These compounds absorb moisture, thereby pre-dissolving the minerals in the salt and delivering flavor immediately to the taste buds.

    • Strong Immune System 
    • Alkalizing 
    • Weight Loss 
    • Skin Conditions
    • Asthma 
    • Heart Health 
    • Diabetes 
    • Osteoporosis 
    • Muscle Spasms 
    • Depression
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