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Product of Greece 

Net Weight 1KG


Green Olives 1kg

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  • Chalkidiki Olives are large pale green Greek olives in oval shape and commonly harvested while it is still young. Usually processed through brine curing which has a firmer meat texture that can provide a full soft flavor with a little tartness and a bit peppery in taste. Often referred to as Halkidiki, the Halkidiki Olives grows exclusively in Greece in the Chalkidiki region which is adjacent to Mount Athos. Chalkidiki or Chalkidiki Olive got its name from the place where they are naturally found in an area in Greece regarded as Central Macedonia region which when translated means Halkidiki or Chalkidiki. This Greek olive is also called “donkey olive” because of its big size. Chalkidiki Olives are excellent table olives with high quality and large enough to stuff with other food ingredients.

    The Chalkidiki Olives grows and cultivated in northern Greece on the Chalkidiki Peninsula with its unique climate condition and soil characteristics make this olive developed a full, spicy and slightly bitter taste with a hint of fruity aroma without any hint of oiliness. Since it is harvested while it is still young this oval shape olive is fleshy (meaty) with small stone and developed a bright yellow green color which will change to yellow when it matures. With the perfect climate condition and nutrients rich soil this Greek olive is considered as the superior type among other table olives. The Chalkidiki olives are harvested from mid -September to the end of October.

  • Olives are one of the most popular,traditional and pure products of Greece and is an important side dish of Greek cuisine,especially with salads and legumes. The benefits for the human body are many and that is due to the rich nutrients that they conatin,such as Vitamin E, which contributes to the skin health and has an antiageing action.


    • Most of the fat (more than 75 percent) in olives is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat known for lowering your risk of heart disease

    • Olives contain antioxidants “in abundance” and have antioxidant properties that may be stronger than those of vitamin E

    • Olives contain cancer-fighting properties, anti-aging components and may support your bone health

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